You need following information and documents before you can create flows

  • Credentials

    • Access to MS-SQL Server
      • Server name

      • Username

      • Password

      • Source Database name (Database from which data will be transfered to M3)

      • Staging Database name (Database where data will store after transformation)

    • Access to Prefect cloud
      • Token for Prefect cloud

      • Project name

    • Access to M3
      • M3 URL

      • ION API File

    All these credential informations should be provided in credentials.yml

  • Modules information

    For every module you want to export data from MS-SQL Server to M3 you need following information and add this to a csv file. Ideally it should be named modules.csv.

    • Module name (You can put any name here. This is only used to create flows)

    • Program name (This should be valid M3 program name where data will be exported)

    • Mapping excel file path (Full path for the excel file which contains the sheet used for data tranformation)

    • Sheet name (Name of the sheet which contains all the transformation information)

    • Source table name: Table name from which data will be extracted.

    • Stage table name: Table name where data will stored after transformation.

  • Modules dependencies information

    You should know if a module you are exporting already depends on another module. e.g. OrderLineItems is dependent on Orders and should be transferred after Orders are transferred. This dependencies need to be provided in a csv file in a parent-child format, ideally named module_dependencies.csv